Friday, November 14, 2008

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

I really need to get my heinie out to the barn to feed and milk the girls because Kurt had a meeting. But I must share this with you!

Kurt and I are struggling now at the end of the year and it has to do with not having enough income. Early this summer we lost a few cows and our low milk production caught up to us. We figured we would be ok when the fall came around because that's when a lot of cows were going to be calving in (21 from Aug to Dec which is a lot for us). Which equals more milk. We had purchased some newer machinery this spring which needs to be paid for by the end of the year along with our seed corn bill. Okay fine. No biggy we should have extra corn to sell to pay for this. Last time we sold a thousand bushel of corn it was $5 a bushel and that was in August.

So meanwhile the corn price is roughly $3.50 a bushel and we needed about $4000 to pay the two debts that were due. The whole time I put trust in the Lord that he will provide and so will my husband. Let God deal with your troubles and trust in him to lead you.

We combined our corn and wouldn't you know it! The yield was down, way down. Like we are not sure we have enough corn to feed the cows through the year. So we'll have to buy corn which is the least of our worries. But now we do not have the extra corn to sell for our seed corn bill and plow purchase and we do have a savings (ugh, that I do not want to touch). Last resort is the savings, but I kept the faith and left my troubles with God.

A couple days ago, our crop insurance adjuster stopped by. We are insured that we will yield X amount and actual yield was below that. We are getting basically enough money back to cover our two bills.

Lesson 1-Give God your troubles and he will bless you!
Lesson 2-Always buy crop insurance no matter how much you dislike paying for it...

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Anonymous said...

God is good! I waste far too much time in worry. Thanks for the reminder.
Anne W