Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Highlights

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving at our house just the ten of us. My parents, Kurt's parents, Kurt's 93-year-old grandma, Kurt's two brothers, and the three of us. Kurt's older brother has three kids but this year was their mom's turn to have them on Thanksgiving. I did not have too many things to make the morning of, but I did have some dusting and picking up to do. We ate dinner at Noon and that really made the day fly by. Because Kurt and his younger brother went out to milk a little after 1pm, and did not get back in until 3pm. I had to make a list of things I wanted for Christmas because we draw names on Kurt's side. I got his older brother (again). So far I picked up one thing on his list, and I'm having a hard time finding reasonably priced other items. I gotta stay in my price limit! Haha.

I made the chocolate pie from PW and a cranberry relish/salad that was yummy! The chocolate pie is so easy and it's a chocolate lover's dream : )

Friday morning I got up early and headed to Walmart. FYI I'm not a fan of Walmart, but their ad appealed to me the most and I started my Christmas shopping their at 6am. Then I headed to Shopko and my last stop was Target. I was home by 10am which was good because Kurt had to go get his haircut. I bought mostly presents for my daughter and two nieces. I think I'll probably have to go shopping two more times and I will be done.

It has been tradition that we get a Christmas tree and put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Kurt has not even mentioned it and I'm too tired to tackle that this weekend. I still have to put crockpots and the card table away not to mention the four loads of laundry waiting to be folded.

Time to end this, I have to go out and feed my calves and heifers. Shiver, my legs are still cold from when I came in (only about a half an hour ago). Yawn, I am hungry for someone else's cooking. As my husband would say, how dumb is that. You are tired and you want to go somewhere? Um yes, please : )


Miriam said...

I practically DROOLED over PW's chocolate pie recipe and pictures!! I need to go find it again so I can put what I need to make it on my grocery list. I hope you were able to stay a *little* bit warm while you were out feeding :( I remember those days and don't miss them one bit... (ok, every ONCE in a while... but not often! LOL)

Meghan said...

I linked the recipe not very well, but if you click on PW that is the recipe. Super simple! Buy atleast two bars of chocolate so you can make it again. It is well worth it!