Sunday, November 9, 2008

Meal Plan November 10-14

This is my first meal plan. Please bare with me!

Monday-Leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Tuesday-Whatever we want! Kurt has a meeting.

Wednesday-HHCs AKA hot ham and cheese, grilled to be exact.

Thursday-Hamburgers, tator tots, and green beans.

Friday-Baked tilapia, oven fries, and more green beans.

Breakfasts will be-eggs, hashbrowns, toast, cinnamon toast, waffles (with cheese on the side--it's great with extra syrup), pancakes, or cereal.

Lunches will be-frozen pizza, leftovers, or something creative with leftovers : )

Check for more meal plans here


Kandi said...

welcome to Monday Menu Planning! :)

Janelle said...

Welcome to MPM! Before long, you might be as addicted as I am! :) It's really neat to see what everyone is cooking this week and you get some great recipes and ideas!

Garden Girl said...

I know what you mean "Married to the Cows" I grew up on a dairy farm - those cows don't take the weekend off of making milk! Welcome to Menu Planning Monday! I'm fairly new myself. Your plan looks great! We love tilapia too - check out for their Parmesan Tilapia - it is awesome and easy.

Toni said...

Welcome to MPM. You have a great menu this week!

Fishwife said...

Welcome to MPM! It's a lot of fun! I also had to stop by and say hi from one "Meghan" to another! It's not often I meet one with the "h" in it!