Sunday, November 9, 2008

Milk Money

Question-How often do dairy farmers get paid?

Answer-We are paid twice a month. On the 17th of the month, we receive the remainder of the previous month's milk payment. Then on the 26th of the month which is called the advance because we receive the first half of that month's milk payment.

Question-What expenses are there for dairy farmers?

Answer-Too many! Ha! I have to do bookwork because our accountant is coming Tuesday so this is perfect. Hopefully I won't miss any and if they need any explanation let me know.
1. Feed-from feedmill or other producers
2. Fertilizer, Seed, and Chemical
3. Land/Building Rent/Mortage
4. Operating Loan
5. Artificial Inseminator (breeder) and bull semen
6. Utilities-electric, phones, heat
7. Fuel--we order 200 gallons of diesel at a time which is not that large of an amount
8. Rodent/Pest Control
9. Association Fees/Dues
10. Milk Testing
11. Veterinary-this fluctuates
12. Tractor Loan
13. Machinery Repair
14. Milking supplies (wipes, teat dip, milkhouse detergents and acid)
15. Bedding (we buy four semi loads of shavings a year)
16. Grain harvesting and drying
17. Hoof Trimming
18. Life, Health, Personal Property, Farm & Ranch, Crop, and Vehicle Insurance
19. Crop Planner
20. General upkeep of barn and milkhouse equipment
21. Milk hauling and marketing
22. Credit Card bills-yuck
23. Accountant
24. Labor-Me. Ha ha! I'm cheap.

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