Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Day

Here is what greets me in the morning. The cows are actually outside overnight. We get up and out to the barn by 5am or sooner. On a normal day we are out of the barn by 8 or 9 am. Then breakfast and free time. Free time does not happen a lot and for me it usually is my time to do household chores.

Now that we are milking three times a day, we are back out to the barn at 12pm. We feed the cows and bring them back in the barn to be milked again. We are back out of the barn by 2 or 3pm depending on any extra things we do. Back in the house then to eat lunch if we haven't already. Kurt likes to watch MSNBC and I like to come checkout other's blogs. Our daughter gets off the bus just after 3pm and she loves to play boardgames or watch Nick. When she gets home, this is usually when I run to the post office, grocery store, or other errands. Then it's back out to the barn at 5pm. Kurt feeds the cows in the barn for their third feeding and runs the feed wagon with haylage for bred heifers.

I feed my calves and other heifers. Kurt and our daughter also feed calves. I also fill up our feed room pails and set up the milkhouse so Kurt can start milking ASAP. We are only outside for an hour and then we come in for supper. This is Kurt's downtime until 9pm when he goes out to milk again. He usually falls asleep while watching MSNBC.

By the time Kurt goes out, I am so rung out. I basically fall asleep on the couch. Last night I was so out of it by the time he came in. He said he had been in for 30 minutes already and I woke up and said, "Boy, you're fast." He just laughed at me and I fell back asleep. At midnight, we finally went to bed. Then we start it back up again at 5 am.

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