Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a Week

We were very busy this week. We had a cow that needed surgery. She had a DA (displaced abomasum-part of her stomach or called a twisted stomach) and the vet came out Tuesday and she's doing well. The hoof trimmer was here Wednesday afternoon. Thursday the combine came and did our corn. The three wagons and our two wagons are still parked outside though. I think Kurt said he'd take them back tomorrow or Monday. One of our cows, Mariah had a set of twins. A bull and a heifer. We will sell both of them in a couple of weeks when they are bigger. Typically a heifer born with a bull is a free martin meaning she does not have the female parts to become pregnant.

Yesterday we had to hurry up with chores because we needed to meet my mom at 10:30 to get my daughter. My parents were on their way up north to the cabin. They picked me up a 50 pound bag of potatoes last time they were on their way up there for $10. The last couple of years the price has been $6 or $7. I totally understand the increase. I just wish we could charge the milk pant the price we would like too.

We headed to town after we picked up the Maam (that's what Kurt calls her and he said he picked that up from me...I don't think so). I was soooo hungry for Chinese food but Kurt suggested Pizza Hut. Yuck, I like it but not today. I had pizza twice that week as it was. No more!! That's were we ended up though. We picked up a cartful of farm stuff at Fleet Farm first. Then after lunch went to Festival Foods to pick up sale items.

We were so beat by the time we got home and it was only 2pm. I was kind of grouchy and so was Kurt. By 4pm I headed out with the Maam trick-or-treating with some errands along the way. At the first stop, which was across the road I ordered 20 pounds of mixed fruit from the FFA. That will make up a Christmas present for Kurt's 93-year-old Grandma. We only went to a few houses, but her pumpkin was packed full. Forgot to mention my mom sent us home with homeade caramel apples.

I better get at some housework. Kurt and his dad are painting the milkhouse. Tomorrow is the big day when we go to three times a day milking. Just talking about it makes me yawn. Hopefully the money will start rolling in with all the milk we will be shipping.

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