Friday, December 5, 2008

Here I am ____

Fill in the blank and name one of my favorite hymms. This has been a busy week as usual. We moved a group of heifer calves closer to the barn and combined them with the group of four bred heifers. We actually took two of the bred heifers and brought them in the barn. They are both due around Christmas. A bull and a heifer were born this week, and Monday we will take the bull down to the sale barn to be sold. The heifer calf we named Sabrina because her dam's (mother) name is Salena. All of our cows are Registered Holsteins and it is how we keep track of cow familys. Once in awhile I run into a mental block and have a hard time figuring out a name. We currently have cows starting with the letter D, P, I, S, K, M, A, and C. The I cows are definetly the most challenging. Right now we have Isabell, Ivory (whose dam is Ivy), Irene, Idea, Ivette (Ivory's daughter), Iris (daughter is Ireland), and our newest calf is Itty from Ivory. She was born three weeks early and is a little spit-fire.

Would you like to see some wedding pictures? These are our proofs from our wedding. Just fill in the password which is farming. We were married June 21st and have been together for three years. My daughter is from my first marriage and that's another story. Kurt is my little girl's dad and she has not had contact with her biological for three years. She was three when I got divorced and we met Kurt. She has known Kurt half of her life and they definetly have a connection. Someday soon I'll share the story of how we met. Hopefully I can make it sound interesting because it does make a good story. Here is a sampling of pictures from the wedding.

The answer is Lord or the song is known as I the Lord of See and Sky. That is one of our favorite songs.

On a different note, who does St. Nick? I did not even know what that was until I was 11 or so. My family does not do that tradition. We are Lutherans and it seemed like the Catholic kids/families were the ones who did that. Is it a Catholic-thing? I do not know and I wonder because I would not know when it happens but my daughter is in first grade and you know how children talk. It is definetly not a tradition we will start doing because the other kids and their family's do. Uh, oh I almost felt like a was going to start ranting...I will go and

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