Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hunkering Down

Snowstorm Carter has arrived and had already delivered seven inches of snow by 6 am. We are expected to get up to 14 inches of snow. We are not completely done with our chores this morning, but Kurt needed to plow/push some snow. This pic is up by the house. I think he gets distracted with all of the snow and goes where ever he sees a drift because he is suppose to be clearing behind the barn. We need to clean the barn (empty the gutter that's full of manure and bedding, etc) and he told me I could go in the house for awhile.

I thought I take some pictures of him clearing away the white stuff. I guess he doesn't like being pictured because he started heading my way. In case you are wondering, that is an Oliver 770 and some people love their Olivers. Kurt puts up with it because it has hydraulics and it's useful especially in snow. We also have a bucket that Kurt puts on the front in the summer for cleaning the barn yard or other projects. I must point out too, this is the only green tractor we own. The other three are RED. Maybe you did not want to know that and maybe now you won't like me, but darnit we love our RED tractors.

The schools are all closed for the day. Too bad snow days are not fun days for farmers. Today you do chores, milk, and plow snow. We do plan on getting the lights on our tree and hopefully decorating it. I need to put out my nativities. I have two and some other small items to decorate the house with. I need to start collecting some more decorations. We also have our Holstein Annual Meeting/Banquet tonight. I hope the roads will be safe to travel on by tonight. It sounds like the snow was going to stop around Noon or so. The banquet is not until 7:30 tonight. I have no idea what I'm going to wear. I know, clothes. Thank you!

Here our some of our heifers and bred heifers eating hay outside. The snow is really sticking to their backs you can see. Don't worry these ladies have two barns to go in to get out of the elements. It's really not too cold out today, but the snow is blowing.

Happy shoveling, snowblowing, pushing, or plowing!

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