Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Me and Baking

I apologize for my previous post being so smushed together. I tried fixing it repeatedly and I can not figure it out. Maybe someone knows what I'm not doing right. Thanks! Meghan

If did not say it already, I had big, really big plans for this Christmas season in the baking and goody making departments. I really did not enjoy making cookies until I received a cookie scoop. My husband loves chocolate chip cookies, but I would have rather poured them in a pan and made bars. How easy is that? The cookie scoop has eliminated my fears of making the perfect cookie. Well perfect drop cookie. Cut-out cookies are a whole different deal. Last night as they stuck to my cookie sheets and I cooked them to a crisp, I remembered why I do not make these miserable devils. There I said. I do not like cut-out cookies. They put me over the edge. My daughter reminded me before she left for school that I needed to make the dough for the cookies. Already taken care of Darling, I bought five pounds at the store. Her response was, but Stacey (my baking crazy friend) makes her own dough. This kid spent one day with Stacey three years ago while I went to a funeral and she remembers that? She was three and a half.

Thank goodness for frosting that is the only way these cookies can be saved. As for my sanity, next year I will be buying or exchanging with Stacey for some cookies. I made about 10 dozen peanut butter balls. I ran out of chocolate two-thirds through the last batch. My husband thought they were fine the way they were. I could have called them mud balls because I made them with chocolate graham crackers and rice krispies. I decided to roll them in powdered sugar which makes them look much more mysterious : )

I am also going to make PW's Cinnamon Rolls and give those to our veterinarian, milk hauler, breeder, Mac's teacher, the veterinarian clinic, and some dear neighbors. I need to get these made before Friday because we have herd check with our vet on Friday. These look so good and easy to make. I encourage you to try some of her recipes. There are some really tastey treats waiting to be made over there.

I also usually make Chex mix. A lot of Chex mix to be exact. I have not made any since October or maybe even later than that. How sad! I need to find a pan to make it in because I threw the one I used in the garbage. Onward, upward looking for a pan. I made it with a roasting pan a few times ago and my result was slightly on the burnt side. I know, how do you burn Chex mix? I wondered that myself.

I also had a crazy idea to have a cookie/candy exchange with three of my friends. Seriously what the heck an I smoking (note-I've never smoked anything in my life)? So baking-crazy Stacey already has her stuff made I'm sure. Atleast I know my other two friends are just as slow as I am. We are not getting together to exchange until Dec 23rd but seriously the days are getting shorter and my list is getting much longer.

Other things I would like to make and I will make!
  • Caramel Corn
  • Chocolate Chip Nut Cookies for my dad
  • Cookie dough truffles
  • Meltaway truffles

Did I mention my mom and I bagged 56 quarts of saurkraut on Saturday? I think I took home 20 some bags. I really only needed about 10 to 12 so I will be giving those to people who like it. So far, my friend Kristie likes it and I'm hoping our vet does too! Wish me luck!

I better get back outside. I was in here to get my daughter on the bus. Forgot to mention it has been bitterly cold here. Temperature was -10 when I came in this AM and yesterday it got to a high of 2. The wind chill made it feel like -20 to -35 yesterday. No wind this morning, yet. We are suppose to start getting some snow later tonight into tomorrow afternoon. Hurray.

I think I just need to put a lot of space in between my paragraphs. Is that it?

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Miriam said...

Your post looks good to me :) Let me know how the PW Cinnamon Rolls turn out... I was thinking this morning that they would be good to have for breakfast Christmas morning...