Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

Uffda! That's Norwegian for you pilgrims. We have been busy, busy, busy here. The weather has been wreeking havoc for the past week on our already hectic and crazy lifestyle. Every other day Kurt has had to plow snow. Seriously, enough of that white stuff. We already hit the record for the month of December. We would really appreciate a break until the end of the year. We are simple people and a three-day break would seem rather heavenly and very welcomed!

So now you have my weather update, I hope you all enjoyed Christmas in your own way. My girl opened up her presents Christmas morning, but Kurt got stuck with the tractor hauling manure. He had to walk back to the barn for a shovel and he was in the "back 40". He was in the field furthest back and the lane is a half-mile back...we don't have 40 acre fields though. Our land has too many dips and tree lines. I called the neighbor to come and give Kurt a yank with his tractor. Before you can tell them Merry Christmas, you ask are you busy. Will your tractor start? Kurt actually got the tractor dug out, but got stuck after he finished spreading. Good thing I called Warren because he dragged Kurt out.

Back in the barn, the corn silage silo stopped running silage out. A moment before I asked my husband what his favorite Christmas song/hymm was. That's when he let out quite the naughty words. He never did answer my question. Up in the silo he went, to put the stabilizer bar back together. I then proceeded to run the outside water tank over for the heifers and some water ran into a calf pen. Oops. If Kurt was making mistakes, today was the day to make mine as well. We arrived at his parents a half our late for dinner.

We had a nice time visiting with his family, but we still needed to milk the cows and head to my parents. It tires me out thinking out it. All I will say is we made it home in one piece and had a pretty good time.

Tomorrow my girl is going to stay a night or two with my parents and Kurt and I will be going out for supper. We have a gift certificate to a supper club down the road from us. You might think I'm a total yokel, but I love a good cheeseburger. Seriously, but I don't want to waste a night out ordering a burger so I crave one and have a conflict of interest when we get there. Kurt thinks I'm silly, but we had burgers today for lunch so hopefully that will cure my craving.

Once we take our tree down, which will be awhile, I will take some pictures of our house. I have pictures from before I painted and moved in. I think they are quite interesting. I have lots to talk about this week. Resolutions, goals, food, cows, etc.

I forgot to mention this morning we had two calvings that we did not plan on. Kurt thought we had another day to go. We usually calve our cows in pens and they were full. Anyway that makes a rough start to day, and the drifts of white stuff in front of my garage door and milkhouse did not help. Our poor milkman went in the ditch today and Friday and I don't remember them ever doing that. Please take some of that white stuff it's pretty, but it has to go!

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Miriam said...

Uggh, I remember times like that. No fun!