Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Update

I have been busy in the kitchen and my house is looking like I need to get busy in some other rooms. I made PW's Cinnamon Rolls and they were actually fairly easy to make. My husband thinks they are addicting. That is a good thing then! Miriam I would say make them for Christmas morning, your husband will enjoy them! Chex mix is a big hit at our house and I usually make it throughout the year but I only made one batch. It looks like it will last us for awhile. I need to make some truffles today, but we had another snow storm and that means extra work. Kurt is plowing around the buildings, but it's so windy the drifts will be back in no time.

I made oreo balls and creamy chocolate balls this afternoon. I need to dip the oreo balls. They look like piles of mud, but they sure are sweet. Our milk man comes tomorrow and I think I'm going to give him a pan of cinnamon rolls and a small bag of chocolates. We received a duffle bag from our trucker(milk man) and the cooperative that we ship our milk through sends us a cheese box with sausage and ring bologney as well. Plus we got a bonus. The more cash flow the better this time of year : )

We obviously did not go to church today. I could not get out of the driveway and our church is 8 miles away in the country on roads I know will be drifted. My daughter has her dress rehearsal for the Christmas program today. Luckily there is a second one on Tuesday night so I do not feel bad about not going today.

I'm also experiencing some drama within my family. It is very irritating and it's putting me in a cruddy mood. I'm trying to get past it but I can not fix it since I'm not creating it. I want to fix it that is my problem. Grrr I'm just frustrated and irritated. I am hoping I have time to watch a Christmasy movie with my daughter like Home Alone that would probably be the most age appropriate. She might find National Lampoons Christmas Vacation funny but we can save that for another year : ) We also have A Christmas Story (you know, you'll shoot your eye out?!)

These are pictures from two years ago. The first one was the one we put in Christmas cards. That calf pictured is now a cow and it is pretty friendly. Maybe next year I can get a picture of the cow and her then put a copy of the (will be 3 year-old) picture. We'll see. Stay warm and fuzzy : )

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Miriam said...

Thanks for the info about the Cinnamon Rolls! I didn't get a chance to make them... yet! I don't know if I will today, or might wait until Sunday afternoon to do it :) Sounds like y'all have plenty of snow! I hope your family drama will cease or at least ease up a little so you can enjoy this week(end).