Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cabin Fever It's Coming

I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life and can not remember having such a constant stretch of bad weather in winter. (Last year, does not count-we had a record snow fall=a lot of snow) I'm not complaining but it has been one snowstorm after another. I prefer the ground covered I have not left my driveway since last Friday. Saturday night freezing rain came down and iced everything over.

Kurt made a path on the ice with a mixture of lime and starter fertilizer. Now if you pay attention to cash cropping/commodities you know fertilizer is through the roof. The price is ridiculous. Roughly it's a $1,000 per ton right now, but "normal" cost has been between 200-400 a ton (don't quote me on that). So here we are using leftover starter which burns through the ice to make a dimpled path. The milkman appreciated the path so we would not kill himself getting out of his truck. I told him that was fertilizer and jokingly told him "We are the Rockefellers of farming." Since we could afford to throw it on the ground, which is not true but who doesn't like to live in a dream world-right?!

The cows are finally going to go outside today. Yesterday we got about two inches of snow so it is packed down and they will be able to walk on that. This cow dips her head in a snow bank each time she goes out. Her name is Salena and she had a heifer (girl) calf December 2nd named Sabrina.

Here is what our driveway looked like before the snow. The photo in my header is our driveway and it's a different view. You can definetly tell it is icy in this shot.

Miscellaneous babble...I started taking the ornaments off my tree (finally). I have two months of bookwork that needs to be done in a week. I made peanutbutter balls. Why? Because my husband likes them and I have extra dipping chocolate to use up. I have milk and dark chocolate. I'm not sure if we'll make it to our family's Oyster Stew Potluck Christmas Party on Saturday. We are suppose to get six to eight inches of snow starting around Friday afternoon.

Since I have been trying to use up items from my pantry, I thought I would make homeade macaroni and cheese and add chicken and broccoli to it. Does that sound good? Maybe just the broccoli? I want to get rid of the macaroni noodles since I know I've had them awhile. I usually use spaghetti or egg noodles if I made a pasta. Pioneer Woman's Penne a-la-Besty kicks butt too. Yum! I took some pics of my pantry, not too impressive but it works. I share them with you later along with the before and after painting pics from when I moved in.

Check back tomorrow for my recipe. It's even a surpise to me!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are not thrilled with the snow (my town in Massachusetts had 27 inches of snow in December and we just got that ice storm on Tuesday this week so I feel your pain)BUT that picture at the top of your blog sure is pretty!

Stay warm.


Miriam said...

Ugghhh. Ice and farming do not mix. At. All. I hope you don't have hills to add to it... And the macaroni/broccoli/chicken things sounds really good! I might have to try that!