Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi Mom

and Amy or somebody else I know. I noticed on Feedjit you were popping in...Berlin, WI I guess that's close enough for me. When I go onto the blog, my location comes up Mukwanago...isn't that by Milwaukee??

Leave a comment! Such as...your hair is pretty. Thank you.


Mrs. Gilson said...

Hi Meghan, I'm at Ann and Dan's. I hear your hair is great. See you tomorrow, have a safe journey. Love, Mom.

Mrs. Gilson said...

Hey Meghan.. Your Mom showed my your blog. Pretty cool, I've have to read more later, Mrs. Gilson will bookmark it for me. Have a safe trip tomorrow, we look forward to seeing you all. Love Ann

Miriam said...

Meghan - your hair is pretty :P And I just gave you an award! Hope you're surviving the weather, if you're getting or did get any of "it" this week!