Monday, January 12, 2009

Life in a Northern Town

What do you talk about? We talk about the weather. It changes and that is a big deal to us. By Thursday, we are projected to see the coldest weather we have had in 15 years. Um yeah, Thursday we have to appointments to go to and probably a store or two. School will probably be cancelled. The high for Thursday is -2. That is the high! Stay put in your warm house that is the smart thing to do. It is dangerous being exposed outside for too long because you can get frostbite or hypothermia quickly.

Last week I did not leave the house and today I went someone where three times. That's farming and poor planning. I had to go pickup a different size of belt for the silo unloader. The unloader is what makes the haylage, corn silage, or high-moisture corn able to get out of the silo so we can feed it to our animals. Kurt was up in the silos greasing them so they work properly in the upcoming weather. Good thing he did because the belts in our big silo needed to be replaced. We are as ready as you can be for the cold.

I went grocery shopping for a few odds and ends. I was going to go tomorrow, but Kurt said go today and gave me the checkbook. That was all the confirmation I needed. I scored a spiral-sliced half ham for 99 cents a pound. I have Kurt's cookies in the oven. I also had to move some food that usually resides in our pantry to the dining room. The pantry is not insulated and I'm not sure the original use of the room, but I made it my pantry when I moved in here. It is on the north side of the house and I started to worry when it was below freezing. Is it okay if canned goods freeze? I'll have to move those in next. I brought anything in a plastic container into the dining room.

I picked up a book from the library today not that I'll have time to read for awhile. I have two months of bookwork to do. Not difficult it is a matter of sitting down and doing it. I think my last sheet of cookies are about done and Kurt headed out to milk. I must get mooooving. Haha, I'm too funny : )


Miriam said...

Wow, the un-insulated pantry sounds fun! ;P Not really. Having to move all that stuff when it gets very cold, I guess you get familiar with what you have :) Doesn't it make the rest of the house cold? Have a good week and STAY WARM!! And we're thinking this week is going to be "cold" with a high of 23. Ha ha. All in what you're used to.

Meghan said...

We are looking forward to the "warmer" weather of mid-20s next week. The pantry has double doors so it's actually fine. Like Kurt says this house breathes, it's a little drafty already.