Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Goals AKA Resolutions for the New Year

Every year I personally set some goals for myself. Normally they are not formally announced or make to paper. I keep it all up this fabulous head of mine. It is a daunting task but it can be done. This year though I thought I would share my list of goals with anyone who finds my blog interesting enough to read it. Thank you! Without you, there would not be a list! You are making me own up to my goals and I will now be accountable to you. I hope you are up to, here we go...

  • Be Healthier/Lose Weight

This has always been at the top of my list. Cutting out the going out to eat will hopefully help this (see next goal). I think this goal being accomplished ties in with the other goals I will tell you about. Otherwise I have diagnosed myself as chronically chubby. After I met Kurt, I slowly gained G-U-L-P 40 pounds. Um yeah, I know!! Was happiness? Or was it eating late at night and usually once a week at a restaurant later at night? All I know is enough is enough. Did I mention I lost three pounds? I had my yearly checkup and I had lost 3 whole freaking pounds. What is that like a quarter of a pound a month? Please don't be jealous of me, I'm a freak of nature. My treadmill and I have come to an agreement too. When we are done milking three times a day, we will renew our relationship and the sparks will fly.

  • Make Meal Planning a Priority

Another conjuncting goal with this is, to use the food I already have in my pantry. When I grocery shop, I buy based on what is on sale. That is the base of my shopping and I buy items we must have today or else besides the normal bread and milk (which is sometimes on sale). Now I have this wonderful stockpile and instead of gazing at it from afar, I need to start utilizing it (so I can buy more, duh jk). Just a side note, expiration dates do not scare me. I use them as guidelines, but I definetly do not trust them regarding eggs. If you want to know if an egg is bad, fill a glass or pan or something that will hold water. If the egg floats in the water, it is bad and if it stays at the bottom it is yours forever (or until floats). This test has never failed me yet.

  • Be More Organized

Milking the cows three times a day limits my "free" time more than it ever did on twice a day milking. I feel like I'm doing alright getting my chores done in the house, but I think I can do more. Business filing has piled up and needs attention soon. I would also like to have a rummage sale this spring (haven't had one in a year and half). Due to my "blossoming" after I met Kurt some of my clothes could be gotten rid of or sold on Ebay (maybe, never done this).

  • Pay Down Debt/Buy only What We Need

This is self-explanatory. I went really nuts after the 2007 Christmas buying clearance items plus I CVSed like a crazy woman. I have over 20 bottles of dish soap, 20 something Electrasol (Target deal), lots of paper towels (we use in the milkhouse), 12 bottles of laundry detergent, and our tolietries are well-stocked. Kurt and I want to buy a different farm and we are working our tails off to hopefully get there. That is why we are milking three times a day incase I did not tell you. Trust me, we wouldn't do it if there was not a reason.

These are my main goals and I'm sure they are similiar to most peoples. I was just looking over my list and my other random goals are to get out of bed earlier. Ahhh what a goal. If Kurt only knew what I was aspiring to be. For the month of January, no eating out. Kurt does not know I have that goal, but he thinks we spend $200 a month eating out. He is nuts. We are lucky if we come close to $75. Hopefully your goals can be attained as well as mine.


Miriam said...

Those are great goals! And reasonable, too. I did the whole 40lb. thing after getting married, too. I cried like a baby when on our 5 month-aversary the dress I wore to leave on our honeymoon didn't button. Anyway, all that to say "I know", and to encourage you on the weight loss! I've lost a little over 10lbs and was close to having lost 15 before all the Christmas goodies started coming in. I hope to be able to get to the 15 mark in the next week or two. It's taken me since July/August to do this, but I've heard that slower is better than faster! I just hope I can lose a decent amount before I get pregnant since we're hoping to get pregnant this year (shh! you're the only person I've told!).

Meghan said...

That's really encouraging. I just found out today our milk tester is pregnant. I am so jealous. My husband wants to buy his dream farm before we have any more babies, but I'm am so ready. Happy Practicing! : )