Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Circle Continues

Heading towards four years ago when I went through my separation and divorce, Mac was only three-years-old. I was really lucky and had many helpful people in my life. Mom and dad, Heidi, Amy, Dana, Jessica, Emily, Stacey, and I'm sure there were a few more that came to our rescue when I needed to go to work and Mac needed a sitter.

My friend Sara is now going through a pretty similiar divorce (her husband cheated on her like mine did), but she has two children both under three-years-old. Two weeks ago I watched them on Friday night for her and this last Friday I watched them again. I really like watching them plus I am paying forward the helpfulness that I received (and I get out of the night milking). Unfortunately for me their dad is watching them this Friday and next Friday (the 20th) we are going to the Toby Keith concert in Green Bay. Sara milks the night shift (5pm to 9pm, 300 cows) at a farm a couple of miles north of us. She is going to come milk our night shift on the 20th which only takes an hour after she is done milking at her normal job.

We have a pretty busy week. Yesterday we went and had our taxes done. Today I had to take me car to get an oil change and Kurt went to two feed mills to get bags of feed and supplies. Tomorrow Mac's class is celebrating the 100th day of school which was Monday I believe. Parents were in invited in from 10 to 11am and then you could stay an eat lunch with them. It's Lasagna or mac n cheese day. Yippee. I was hoping for something better (my favorites in school were grilled cheese and tomato soup, spaghetti, tacos, and burgers). Kurt is taking a cow up to Equity (sale barn) she got to stay here eight months longer than we thought she would. He was over at the neighbors yesterday and was looking at a cow to buy to replace the one we are selling. He wants me to take a look at her (I make the final decisions around here you know : ) ). We need to get over there and look which doesn't sound like it would take long but both Kurt and I like to talk. (Remember the pop aisle???!!!!) Thursday is somewhat open yet. We really need to get to Fleet Farm to get more supplies (like cat food and milkhouse stuff and I need some new barn footwear, badly). Friday Kurt is getting his haircut in the morning and then we are meeting a friend (who is actually related to Kurt and used to work for him and was an usher in our wedding) for lunch because he has his own farm he is running so he is really busy. His parents are also our neighbors that we are looking at buying the cow from well actually his brother in case you were wondering. Aaron is on a farm about 10 miles from here and the last time we met with him was around the end of October before we went to 3x milking. He was invited the day after Christmas but the boy was too busy (understandable he's always busy), but we are meeting at a place down the road from him. Anyway...Saturday is Disney on Ice in Green Bay. That is my mom, sister-in-law (Jessica), niece Ellie, Mac, and I will be going there. Busy? I think so.

Enjoy the weather. We are going to have unseasonally warm temps close to 50 today. It is really windy though otherwise I was thinking of hanging out some blankets on the clotheline.

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Miriam said...

Whoa, that sounds like a busy week!! And like you have BEEN busy, too! Good to catch up with what's going on, though :)