Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I am not planning on heading to the store until Saturday so I will be making meals from our stash and leftovers. I have been kind of lazy and have a few items that need my attention in the fridge ASAP. Leftover spiral sliced ham, spaghetti, meat sauce, broccoli, and lettuce (before it turns nasty on me). I also need to make Kurt's chocolate chip cookies this week. I'm going to do a quadruple batch but I have to do it in two separate bowls. I made some puppy chow today to take care of the need for sweets. Kurt has told me he needs cookie or candy bars at all times in the house. You don't need to worry about Kurt's need for sweets. He works hard and is a lean 175 pounds. He'll be fine, it's me who needs to stay away from the sweets. Here is our plan for the week and to find more inspiring recipes check out OrgJunkie.

Monday-It's up in the air. We have a Classification party(going to check out a friends cows that were scored today, there is food and lots to drink out in the barn) to go to so might just eat a little before we go incase there isn't food. There is usually lots of food but you never know.

Tuesday-Chicken parmigiana with the leftover meat sauce and spaghetti

Wednesday- Ham and scalloped potatoes

Thursday-Pork chops with shake 'n bake, potatoes, and veggies

Friday-Out to eat in Green Bay, we are going to the Toby Keith concert.

Saturday-Chicken noodle dumpling soup

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