Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where Was I?

I actually made Kurt worry about me today. We are classifying our cows tomorrow at 11am so our milking times are backed up by a couple of hours. I needed to go grocery shopping today because I had a coupon for free milk (not that I needed it, but I do buy chocolate milk) that expired today. I left a little after 11 and figured I should be back by 1:30. I only planned on going to two stores. The one store was the free milk, cheap ice cream (99 cents for a 1/2 gallon), and cheap Gold Bond lotion...but I actually found cheap TP which I had a coupon for and it was doubled (only on Wednesdays). This all has nothing to do with the story.

Fast forward to the next store. Festival Foods was having a Dollar Days and there were a lot of items I wanted to stock-up on like frozen waffles, egg noodles, gold fish crackers, 2-liter Pepsi products. Usually I spend around $40 to $70 when I go shopping, but it had been two weeks and I knew it was not going to be good. Like $102 not good, but I did buy deli meat, chicken, and some soup which is a bit pricey.

When I got out of my car at Festival it was 12:07 pm. Awesome, I told Kurt I should be back by 1:30 and he said right more like 3 (we needed to start milking at 3pm). I skipped the deli and hot bar because there were people getting their lunches and I wanted the food hot. Since it was for Kurt's lunch, I was going to go back to that side of the store when I was done. I planned on getting my frozen waffles and ice cream right before heading over to the deli. As I turned into the pop aisle I noticed a familiar person. A person I have stood and talked to before in the grocery store in our own town.

Her husband is also a dairy farmer and he is on Holstein board with Kurt. We know them very well and the last time we talked she mentioned we should have lunch sometime. So I chatted with Karen for awhile. Kurt sent me a text meanwhile, here it was 12:45pm when he sent it and I looked at it 2:20pm. I talked to her for almost 2 hours! In the pop aisle! I think the guy who was stocking the Coke thought he we were nuts. I like talking to Karen obviously, but we really need to do lunch or supper sometime!

After we were done talking I felt like my sugar was low, and I needed to eat something which I had planned on doing on my way home an hour and a half ago. So I hurried as best as I could and I called Kurt to let him know what was going on. I had no idea it was as late as it was. I told him he should have called because that is what I would have done. I quick went through Arbys and this was across from Arbys. That van is perpendicular with the road. I have no idea how in the world it ended up like that or why it would be like that. It is shoved up in the snow bank. I thought it looked interesting. There were two squad cars behind it because part of it was hanging in traffic. Wierd.

I am going to go rest up now. We are going to milk at 12:30am. Yuck.

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Miriam said...

LOL, standing in the pop aisle for 2 hours :) How time flies when you're having fun... and drags when you're staring at the undersides of cows... :P Thanks for the update!