Friday, March 6, 2009


Cheese curds are not a waste product, but cheese singles are (I won't say the brand name because they come in generic as well). My mom sent me an email me informing me this here it is...

Meghan you need some education as far as cheese curds go... they are not waste products!! That is what is packed into to the round tubes that get compressed to make the cheese wheels, etc. if you ever buy the really really fresh cheddar... you can see shapes of the curds. I'm so embarrassed that you wrote that cheese curds were waste products, considering that your grandpa was a cheese maker as was your great grandpas (Gilson and Winter). Have a great day!! Hope you get some of the relief that the govt. is giving out to the dairy farmers. We are going to the cabin this week end. Talk to you soon. Mom

I am not a complete dipstick. I must get back to the barn. Lots of work to do today in there. I have to make these later.

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