Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Frugal/Cheap Curtains

This is my first time taking part in WFMW .
Back when I did not have a lot of money, wait I still do not have any money. I wanted to replace the curtains in my living room and kitchen/dining area of my poorman's palace. I loved my house by the way except it was located in a "community" (nice word for trailer park).

I recruited my mom to help me. She knows how to run a sewing machine really well. She had a brilliant idea because of the amount of fabric I would need it would have cost me more than I had to spare at the time. The flat sheet! They are sold separately and cost less than 10 dollars depending on thread count and brand. I think I bought two or three for eight dollars each if I can remember that long ago (atleast 4-1/2 years). I picked navy and my mom made me five valances and two panels. Not too shabby. Plus no one knew they were bed sheets.

Now my "new" bedroom desperately needs curtains. I have the curtain rods up and mini blinds, but they need a little color. I'm thinking of looking through the stash of sheets I already have and pulling out a top sheet or two. I'm also thinking of mixing and matching up depending on the style of curtain I make. I have a single window that will get a valance or sweeping panel to the side for it. Then I have a double window that needs more than a valance. Maybe cafe style curtains even though that does not seem very bedroomy does it? Otherwise I could make a valance to match the singe window then panels in a different color/pattern to match. I would really like to be able to do this without buying any new sheets or fabric.
It worked for me once and hopefully it will work again!


Miriam said...

I love the idea and actually bought sheets to do the same thing :) But now we're hoping to move and I never got the curtains made :P My MIL thought I was strange for buying sheets to make curtains with. LOL. You gotta do what you gotta do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meghan, I did something similar with a tablecloth that I bought. I realized that fabric was too expensive, and then I came across a bin of tablecloths on sale. I noticed that the dimensions on some of them are exactly the same as the drapery panels that are in the Sears catalog. So I bought a couple, and then found some of those drapery rings with clips at Walmart, and instant curtains. Actually they had a nice weight to them because it was a thicker fabric. I prewashed them, and they did shrink a bit. I just added a dark band of fabric stitched to the inside at the bottom to make them a little bit longer, but that just makes them custom, right?

Maria D. said...

Those curtains look really sharp! I will definitely have to remember this.

Anonymous said...

My mom did that once for Christmas for me years ago when I was a teen and I just loved them. I would not have thought of it.

You have GOT to check out this website for fabric shades made from ini-blinds...this would add color and require very little fabric so it might be an idea for you (though in a bedroom, I still really like drapes of some kind). The idea is fantastic...

Good luck