Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seven Crockpots for Seven Meals

Could that be a musical too? Just kidding. So I have seven crockpots/slow cookers and I'm not afraid to admit that. My first crockpot was my grandma's Rival which must be from early 80s or late 70s. I'm sure my mom will comment and let us know. That crockpot's crock is non-removable which makes it less appealing to me. It works well but I like a removable inside.

Before I was married to Kurt, I owned three crockpots/slow cookers. Then I registered at three different stores and was given a wedding shower. A red Rival oval six or seven quart crockpot with a carrying case showed up at the shower. Sadly it is still upstairs in it's box. I promise I will use it by this summer. My aunt and cousin-in-laws (cousins' wives-two cousins, two wives just to make that clear) gave my shower gift to my mom to give to me. It was a black, six quart (or bigger) programmable Rival crockpot. I pulled this one out of the box for Thanksgiving and used it for the sliced ham. Thank goodness it comes with directions because that crockpot has more than the normal functions of low, high, and warm. Seriously, I am kind of intimidated by it. There is a probe to stick into the item you are cooking to make sure it is heated to proper internal temperature. Lots of other things too which I did not have time to master yet.

So now the count is at five crockpots. Next comes the wedding. One round, four quart Rival crockpot which has a light green colored crock. This is my favorite one. It is the perfect size for everything that I cook. A four quart round slow cooker that I will admit is still in it's box upstairs with the red Rival from the shower. What does a girl do with seven freaking crockpots? Go into business and rent them out? Haha. I am planning on downsizing my fleet this summer to only five crockpots. Hope you liked hearing where they all came from. : )

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Just Another SAHM said...

I can't imagine having that many! I have two & my husband thinks that is odd. ;)
I have to say the one with the probe does sound 'fancy'. I was excited when my new one came with a warm setting! Whoo-woo! lol