Monday, March 9, 2009

The Weekend

With the time change and our very busy weekend, I was so worn out. Friday we worked all day. When I say all day, I mean all day. I was in the house a few hours but during that time I wrote out bills and made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. There were no naps or nothing Friday. But I would make up for it in the coming day, and the time change really messed my system up.

Friday I filled out the cards that go above the cows stalls. They list the name, sire and dam information, production records, and who the cow is bred to or when it is due to calve. After the second milking, I ran in the house to fill out some bills to make sure they got to the post office by four because that is when they close. Then I was in the house until 6:30 baking cookies. I sent Mac out sooner than I went out which worked out fine. I can get out of the house faster if I don't have to nag her to get her clothes change. This way when I was ready I went out. When I got to the barn Kurt was almost done vacuuming the cows. Sounds kind of silly, but their winter hair is shedding. Plus it feels good to them to get the dead hair off and it makes them look sooo much better. Not kidding. Then we started washing their tails. Mac really wanted to help with this. Kurt showed her what to do and the two of them worked on the dirtiest tails. After the second one, she had had enough but Kurt made her keep going and she did really well. I started milking before they were done because my back was hurting and I needed to change my activity.

Before I started milking, I had to find my cat Rat. She is so cute and is still a kitten for another month (she'll be a year so to me she's still a baby). I ended up finding her in the machine shed. Someone (Kurt or his dad) shut the door and she must have been nosing around. She was so happy to see me I could barely hold her she was so excited. Kurt was wondering what was holding me up. I think he's jealous of her. Can't say I blame him.

At quarter to ten, Mac asked if she could go in and go to bed. She went in and to bed. Lucky her. We were having some of the county Holstein breeders over to see our cows. There were two other farms they were going to see as well but we were the first stop on the tour. They were not going to be here until 11, but the morning goes really fast when you're trying to get everything done. I was lucky enough to have time for shower thank goodness. We had a little more than 40 people come.

After everyone left, we started milking again around 12:30pm. By 1:40pm we were in the truck and headed to McDonalds to get lunch through the drive-thru. The last farm stop was at 2 and were there til almost 4 I think. I got to talk to lots of my girlfriends. One of them insisted that we come over for supper because they were going to get take-out Chinese. They were also the one's who were the second farm on the tour that we did not get to see (not that we haven't been to their place tons of times). So we went over to their place and I rode with her and another friend to get the food. What a good time we had. This Chinese food was from a top of the line place (there is no buffet there) it is gourmet Chinese to me. Not that I could tell you the difference but there definetly was one.

Kurt had asked his cousin who lives about 8 miles north of us if we could come and see his cows Saturday night. So after supper at our friends, Kurt went out and looked at their cattle. Then we three hopped back in the truck and headed north about 16 miles (we were south of our place). That was at about 6:30 we got there. Mac got to ride one of there horses. Kayla their daughter actually led her around and Andrea (Kurt's cousin-in-law : ) ) and I got visit. Somehow the conversation got on bikes that Mac needed a new one and Kayla had one she had outgrown. Perfect, she gave it to me because they were going to get rid of it anyway. What a deal! We did not leave there til 9:30pm. Kurt and his cousin Ken could probably talk all night. That's okay though.

We still have to milk and feed the heifers in the barn. Yuck. We got to bed at midnight (1am with the time change) and I got up at 7am new time. Church was not happening today. Sunday school did not happen either. We got a snow storm that started around 11am. I took a three hour nap and got out to the barn to help Kurt milk at 3pm. I'm still not right on the sleep yet.

Yawn...Kurt's at a church in town playing in a dartball tournament. I should head to bed. Maybe I will have something a little more interesting to talk about later.

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