Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Kitchen

Before Kurt and I got married, I wanted to have certain rooms in the house painted because I found them unappealing to put it nicely. The mess below is what was on the walls in the kitchen. It is not wallpaper but a panelling of some sort. Kurt's parents had not lived here in 7 years yet they came out to help him during the day. Which meant they were there for 12 hours of the day and did everything there (laundry, ate three meals, etc). Don't ask me why they did this when they were/are paying rent for a duplex in town. When they "moved out" they did not take all of their stuff with so I had to get them to get it out of there before I could paint. It was a rather stressful and irritating process that could have went much smoother. Lesson 1. When moving out. Do just that. Take belongings and get out. Lesson 2. Not everything needs to be kept forever. Either way it had to go. Not the brown-eyed monster trying to sneek in the picture.

Here is the color I painted over the nightmare with. My mother-in-law hates it and I love it.

Here is the before. Kind of a blurry picture, but notice how cluttered it looks. The old fridge is now in the garage. The kitchen is a pretty small room considering how much my mother-in-law likes to bake. They remodeled it in 1976 and I would have done something different with the kitchen. The doorway on the left goes out to the entry way. The door on the other side of the fridge is the bathroom. It is not functionally correct but I'll live with it.

Here is the after. Notice the table is turned the other way. It really opened it up and helps it flow a little better.

I wanted to show you an upclose look at my red curtain. It has tiny blue flowers on it so it ties in with the wall color. I really liked this fabric so my mom made curtains for the living room out of that material. I will show you the living room next.


Miriam said...

The paint job works WONDERS!! I don't know how you've lived this long in that yucky panelling goop! :) I agree, it is a small and strangely laid out kitchen, but you have to work with what you have, right? Aren't you guys looking at buying a different farm this year? Would you be moving and living there?

LOL, the word verification is: ausnomen "all snowmen" ? :)

Miriam said...

LOL, or maybe it's "Hey, you snowmen!"

mint said...

I don't blame you..that paneling is ugly!

Anonymous said...

I can not believe your MIL preferred that panelling! I like the blue paint. I bet it is really cheery on a gloomy, wintery day and even cheerier on a bright sunny day.

Good for you for making it your own!

Meghan said...

Glad I'm not the crazy one. My father-in-law thought it was going to be so dark in there. Hello, hi the panelling was a dark brown in the dining room which is connected and I painted it a cream color.

Miriam-we are in survival mode right now and buying a farm will have to wait but yes we would live there. The house with that farm was built in 1992 so it is panelling free : )