Thursday, April 16, 2009

Me So Tired

The big elephant in the room is our loan and the uncertainty of it. We met with two loan officers from two different lenders. The one was a no which we knew and it would not have helped us out other than band-aid the current situation. So we are waiting to hear back hopefully by tomorrow if it's a go with the other lender. In short, we would have cash flow which equals good thing.

Last week, our friends ran an ad for milking help. It was for the morning milking and within 20 minutes of reading it Kurt decided he should go work there. I first thought I should go but it would conflict with getting Mac on the bus. So I sent them a professional right? They stopped over later that afternoon to fill Kurt in on what it all involves. I knew it was every other weekend, but I didn't know you had to do both milkings. That stretches Kurt really thin which stresses me out slightly because there is more burden on me to pick up the slack. Which I am because I do the morning milking and chores by myself with the exception of cleaning the barn. Kurt does that when he gets home.

Yep, I said it. Kurt has a job. As if milking three times a day was not enough, and planting season is here which turns into making hay/haylage time. And these babies need to be filled up with chopped hay which turns into haylage for the cows and heifers. I will probably start stressing out in my posts if I have time to turn my computer on. See I already am. : ) Happy, positive thoughts, and naps! : ) In conclusion I hope this extra cash is worth the burden of stress it is going to provide.


Miriam said...

Wooooooowwwwww. Kurt's working for the other people won't be long-term, will it? I'll be praying that God gives ALL of you extra doses of patience, energy, sleep, etc. as you go through this! And that something will work out with the loan situation. Hang in there!

Meghan said...

No thankfully, this is not long-term. If we can get through summer doing this that is all I ask but of course Kurt says to October. He told me two things need to happen. Milk price needs to go up (I understand) and we need a loan (I really understand). I'm mostly stressed about getting stretched so thin and a few others that I'm sure I will post about. I don't elaborate that well when I type.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you both. I can see why you'd be stressed!
I love the new picture!