Sunday, April 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week I'll be going to the grocery store on Tuesday to buy the essentials (milk, eggs, flour, etc). I am using some boxed noodle mixes from my pantry this week. I seem to forget I have them and haven't made anything that would go with them. I have leftover chicken breast that will workout well or I could pair it with the umpteen boxes of stuffing I have as well. Sometimes I get carried away with the item being such a good deal I go overboard. I went through a pile of cake mixes that I had bought so that felt good to actually run out of them for some odd reason. Too bad I picked up two more the week before : ) Oops. Next week I should have leftovers from Easter. It looks like we are going to stay home because we have two heifers due. One on the 8th and the other on the 12th. I will provide another birth announcement. I hope than have them early in the week or after Tuesday the 14th. I have to milk by myself on Tuesday the 14th at night. Kurt has a Holstein meeting so I'm being a baby. Anyway. I am not sure what order we will be eating the food in but this is the list.
Leftover chicken in broccoli linguine noodles (carryover from last week)
One Dish Supper (hamburger, potatoes, carrots, cream of mushroom soup)
Cheesy Tuna Noodles
Grilled Ham and Cheese
Sloppy Joes
Pancakes and sausages (carryover from last week)
I am also doing an inventory of what is in my chest freezers. I have two. My smaller one that Kurt got me for my birthday (one of the best birthday presents of all-time) holds mostly meat and the other larger (like 13 or 14 cu feet) holds the rest. I do not want to forget anything that could be residing in there. I have some ears of sweet corn that I need to make. If you are curious what is happening in Wisconsin at Lime-Acres check it out.
For menu ideas go to OrgJunkie

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Mom2fur said...

I like the name of your blog, LOL!
I also recently inventoried my freezer, and was happy to see I had everything on hand to make chili tonight. I'm also using up some cheese and leftover pizza dough to make cheese pinwheels.
Tomorrow, we're having turkey--mostly because I bought a turkey breast on sale today and don't have one inch of freezer space for it, LOL! Yep, time to use up what I have on hand.