Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nice Weather Equals Work

Dry weather has kicked spring planting into gear. Yesterday Kurt asked me if I wanted to disc the field where the oats are to be planted on Friday. Last year I did not drive the tractor at all. The year before I learned how to disc and drag fields. I really liked discing but yesterday I was beat. Kurt's dad ran the springtooth over the field this afternoon and tonight. That smooths the field. Kurt will be planting the oats tomorrow. I had to go pickup the seed oats today and they are on the back of the truck. Perfect place for them because someone will drive the truck out to the field so the planter/grain drill can be refilled. I will try and capture this event digitally.

The view from where I was sitting yesterday afternoon. Notice the field to the right is darker. That pass is disced and I'm discing along side of it. When I get to the end of the field I turn to the right and disc alongside the farthest pass to the right. When the middle is all disced, I make another pass further down and do the same thing. Pass is not the term but I'm not sure how to spell what Kurt says...he says lan (d)??

When it's almost 60 degrees, I could not pass this up either. Today was 60 or so too. I feel like I should be cleaning something out. So I started cleaning up the garage. I did not get far because Kurt was around and he doesn't like it when I get into a "let's throw your stuff out" stage. It was more like this is garbage and it needs to leave. Skids of seed corn, soybeans, and alfalfa seed are taking up space in the garage as well. I do need to get it picked up because I am planning on having a rummage sale in May. Time flies.

Last week we had a bull calf born and last night we had another bull calf born. Both calvings were heifers so this was their first time having a calf which now makes them cows. They are also two-years-old which is a typical age they will have their first calf by. Maclayne thought she could feed the oldest(also the only at the time this picture was taken) bull calf. Looks like she has it under control because she moonlights as a professional calf feeder.
Or not. The little guy wanted more and he went after her/the bottle. Poor thing he didn't know it was empty, poor Maclayne she did not like that. I thought it was funny since she said she could do it. Because of that, I was allowed to laugh at her misfortune. Oh, how I have been in her position many times before.

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