Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nobody Asked Me

Nobody asked me but we seem to watch a lot of TV. It is what we do during our down time or it is on for background noise. We have satellite TV so if you have DishNetwork I like to listen to channel 6061 or maybe its 6160. It's 80s and 90s country music. 80s country is my favorite. Some of my favorite shows are.

Big Bang Theory on CBS Kurt doesn't get it but I think it is sooo funny. Love Sheldon's antics.
Deadliest Catch on Discovery This show is addicting. I am living vicariously through this show.
Days of Our Lives on NBC/Soapnet I have Kurt slightly addicted to this show.
Biggest Loser on NBC Kristin on the show lives 30 minutes away from me and her mom is closer yet...most people I know around her know them in some way if they have family from the town her mom lives in which is 12 miles from here. I nevered watched this show until this season. My daughter loves watching it too.
American Idol Hello Danny Gokey! I voted for him and I voted for Carrie Underwood...look what happened.

Honorable Mentions-
Desperate Housewives
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
18 Kids and Counting
The View
Wife Swap
Super Nanny

Shows that I like to watch in reruns-
Golden Girls-reminds me of Saturday nights when I was a kid
King of Queens
Does anyone else think I'm dull, lead a boring life?
Little House on the Prairie-when I feel I need a dose
I think I should stop now because people may find this rather boring (and lame).
Did anyone watch Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman (and why is this not on reran?)??

Please comeback I promise I'll have something more a picture of my kitchen with it's new paint job : )

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