Friday, April 3, 2009

Staying Alive

Just wanted to let anyone know I'm alive. We received really crappy news from our loan officer on April 1st of all days. So we are working out a solution. Who knew if you paid your bills you still could get thrown under the bus by your loan officer/bank. Grrr. I was/am down right mad. The jist is our loan was not renewed meaning we owe a large sum of money by July. This makes me so mad. Why did they not make it a seven-year, five-year whatever loan and make it so it would be paid off? It keeps getting renewed meaning we just keep paying on it and I guess they have the option not to renew it. We are now paying for banks making bad loans. We are not a bad loan. We pay. Its automatically taken out. So I will stop complaining. We'll make it through this but it is like a nightmare. ***I be good now and stop whining, promise***

We finished our Adventures in Dairyland class today. It was a class of 22 and they were so nice and fun to work with. I think this is our last year teaching though. I think I would definetly teach in three years when Mac is in fourth grade.

Tomorrow five of Maclayne's friends are coming over for a little party. After class today, I made Kurt come with me to Dollar General and I got some stuff for a little gift bag. I bought regular paper lunch bags that Mac can put each one's name on and decorate it or whatever. Then I found the flarp. It is noisy putty and costs a dollar each. Kids love it. Moms love it. Maybe not all moms but it's fun and I'm pretty sure there is a recipe out there to make it at home. I found a fun little activity book with stickers and it is Strawberry Shortcake themed. Then some colorful, yet cheap pens. Plus I'm going to throw in a Yo-go. That's a snack from Kelloggs that Mac likes. She also likes raisins but if I was kid coming to her party I don't think I'd ever come back here if you gave me raisins. I'm a cool mom. Haha. Young, but definetly not cool. I'm going to make some cupcakes (my second batch in two days) and let them frost and decorate their own. I'm going to make a frozen pizza or two and they can play and be happy. I'm not sure if it will be nice enough to play outside. Besides Maclayne does not have a swing set, yet. AHEM, someone(s) are going to be getting her one AHEM : ) Could you buy her some sand too? Her sandbox is wee bit empty. How about a picnic table? Maclayne would love a grown-up size picnic table. I positive she said that. Didn't you hear her say that? : ) It should be fun.

Tonight, I am watching my little buddies Madison and Mathew. Kurt is going to go visit his cousin and friend who milks about 120 cows about 15 minutes away. He was over at his parents last night chatting while they milked. So I am going to send along some sandwiches, brownies, pop, and chips (if we have some). Plus a grocery bag of food which will probably be cereal, hamburger helper and hopefully something good. I would like to have a little lasagna made up for him or chili but that will have to be next time.

So Kurt and I are hunting for loan officers/lending institutions and praying a lot. The warmer it gets the busier we get. I should see if I can catch a nap before we milk. Kurt is still on the couch so maybe I have a chance. I've been having problems getting pics loaded so hopefully I'll have something happier to talk about later. : )


Miriam said...

Wow, they don't call them "loan sharks" for nothin'. I'm sorry to hear that news :( I can see how it would be terribly frustrating. I will be praying with you guys.

Sounds like Mac and her friends are going to have fun :) I remember when we got our swingset when I was little, it was SO much fun! We never had a picnic table, though.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with finding a new loan source. I am sorry to hear you've gotten stuck in the middle of this credit market mess we're in. Hopefully someone will see your good credit history and work with you to find a solution (quickly) that doesn't involve making your life miserable!

Sounds like a fun party! Little kids can have fun with rocks so anything you do will be icing on the cupcake! (I want a new, traditonal picnic table for my little ones this year. I just can not convince anyone else that this is a good idea!)