Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Is this not the oddest picture? It is from Maclayne's birthday party and Sally (and everyone else not in the picture) are beginning to sing "Happy Birthday." I bet you never knew you needed to take a deep breath to begin that song?! Sally sings for A LOT of weddings, funerals, and at church so she might have felt a little pressure to perform. So Sally is turning 50 July 17 and I am helping her husband and sons plan a surprise party for her on June 20th. The cover is that we are having a first wedding anniversary party since the next day is June 21st. She took the bait hook, line, and sinker when I invited her and her family to it. Sally read two passages from the Bible. Very appropriate ones I must say. I told her she could even bring her Bible and reread us the verses if she liked. I will have to start buying supplies for that in a week and half or so.

Then there is the little girl who is being held by her dad. That is Ellie. She turned 3 yesterday. She was born two months early and if I could figure out how to upload a scanned picture I would show you how tiny she was when she was born. I think she weighed 2 pounds--TINY. She is also my niece and her dad is my brother. Happy Birthday Ellie! Happy Birthday Sally...oh my mom's birthday is on June 21st too and her name is Sally. Are you confused yet???

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