Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cheap Stain Remover and Detergent

Farming is dirty there is no way around it. A bottle of Shout was not lasting very long around here when I had to start washing Kurt's barn clothes. Before we were married, I had started washing my barn clothes with Palmolive Oxy using a tablespoon for each load. I was not using any other detergent and my clothes were coming out cleaner. Once I was faced with the daunting task of cleaning Kurt's pants, which had manure and iodine stains. I turned to my dish soap. Putting a dab on the stain and rubbing it over the area. It was like magic, stains be gone! You do not want to get carried away though because a tablespoon creates plenty of suds. I only use my dish soap now for stain removal and use half of what they recommend for my regular detergent.

This Works for Me. Go see what works for others!

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PrairieCottageRose said...

Thanks so much for sharing this tip! My son's white baseball pants are so hard to clean and I will definitely try this.