Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Pictures

Here is the hanging basket I bought on Memorial Day. Is looks even more impressive in-person. Maclayne picked it out, but my goodness the price of them is enough to turn you off flowers completely. Yuck. I bought mine from a greenhouse not one that is setup at a Walmart or Shopko, etc. Which I think the ones from greenhouses are a little healthier/nicer/not so commercial? I don't know all I guess I can tell Kurt when he questions how much I paid for it is what he tells me. Price equals performance. There, ha! Eat your words Kurty. : )

My favorite cat. She came from down the road as a kitten almost a year ago. I thought she was so homely looking. I was wondering too what am I going to do with this wierd looking creature. Go figure. I named her Rat. I know very nice huh? She looked like one as a kitten and besides we have another female named Mouse. It works and she has been spayed. Remember to control the pet population!

Our fragrant lilac bushes that are near the house were looking so pretty Memorial day. Now they are brown and not so nice. Maclayne picked me a couple bunches while they were at their peak.

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