Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturdays Here

Way back before Kurt had to get this part-time job and mess up my sleeping schedule, I actually did stuff. You know like blog, clean my house on a regular basis, cook meals more exciting than the frozen variety, and watch That's so Raven and Hannah Montana on Saturday mornings after chores. Which we use to get in around 8:30 or 9 from chores just in time for me to be a kid with my seven-year-old and eat pancakes with sausage or bacon. Now fast forward almost two months. I am home alone. I was in from the barn at 7:30am and I am wondering where in the heck my FIL is. He offered to come out and run the feed wagon and clean the barn so the cows could be outside before Kurt was back home. At the rate we are going I think Kurt and I will be cleaning the barn...Rant...When someone offers to do something I expect them to come do and be done. I could have had the cows outside already. One more thing...he did this to us the morning after our wedding. Offered to come and clean the barn, feed the cows, get the cows out etc since we had someone else milking for us. We woke up at 8:30 or so and were wondering what was going on. Cows weren't out and come 9am Kurt went outside and that's when his dad showed up. Ahhh. Enough : ) I need to go take a nap but I sit here wondering if I shouldn't just go back outside but I need sleep, ahhh. Five and a half hours is not enough sleep for me.

Here is a turkey egg (I think) we found where we pile our manue when we can not spread it on the fields. It is an open area that is surrounded by trees. FYI there is no manure back there now just mud. We found it a week and half ago and went back Thursday to see if we could find it. Did have my camera with but I found a cracked empty shell a few feet from where we found the intact egg. Cool huh?!

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