Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Did I mention I have been kind of busy? Running my little bean around to three different activities, making meals, laundry, watering my thirsty flowers, and milking a barn full of cows three times a day. I guess I forgot to report that we had a heifer calf born finally. It only happened a month ago. You must be wondering her name right? We name each heifer born here because we register our cattle and they need to have a name.

The first part of the name is our prefix which is something you okay with the Holstein Association because they are all unique. Ours is Lime-Acres. I'm not in love with it but Kurt picked it out way before I ever turned up in his barn door. The next part in the name is a reference to her sire barring there is room. You only are allowed 27 characters. Her sire's name is Alta Minister. Alta is the bull stud so it will be Lime-Acres Minister blah, blah, blah. Her name is the last part of her full registered name. Because her mom's/dam's name is Amber, any heifer calf she has will have a name that starts with A. I had a name picked out for this calf before she was born and I knew it was a heifer.

I'll tell you what it is. It's not that exciting but it fit in quite well when she was born. Kurt had to pull the calf which meant Amber needed a little help having her. To tell if it's a bull or heifer you need to look between it's legs or behind it's tail. If I have to spell it out for you, please email me and I'll have Kurt explain it : ) So I lifted her legs and lo and behold, "Halelujua," I exclaimed. Which I planned on spelling Alelujua or Aleluya and I just call her Alea-just like the beginning. Aleluya just fits the 27 characters, halelujua!!

Guess what. She is going to be sold August 24 at the dispersal of my friend's parents sale. Poor Maclayne there goes a little calf just her size. I am hopefully going to take the little lady with a lot of spunk to the county fair so Maclayne can show her in the kids and calves show. Hopefully Alea brings big money like 40-day-old Kween did back in April.

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