Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Did It

Remember I threw a surprise 50th birthday two weeks ago? It was for our neighbor (and she's my FIL's first cousin) because she has two boys and a husband and I knew they would need my help. Sally's sister also helped me pull it off.

I know this is a bit far away but the expression on her face is sheer dumbfoundness! She told me later she saw the people who were there and they didn't match up with the people who would be coming to a party for Kurt and I. Duh, because they are your family and friends. Not that a few select wouldn't have been invited to ours if we would have had a party. haha...

We put a paper crown on Sally's head that said Birthday Princess. Once she realized the party was for her, did she ever laugh! That is what Sally does best. She is a laugher. Too funny and she was given many gifts and some not so nice gifts : ) Then there are the middle of the road gifts...12 pack of Mt Dew...too funny.

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