Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Have Saturday Afternoon OFF

I know you are thinking big deal. Well it is a big deal. I never know when I will have another milking off or IF I will ever have another milking off. Because you know the cows have to get milked every day three times a day, and they don't care if you are tired and want to stare aimlessly at the wall, in the house, in a comfortable chair. It is a nasty cycle and it never stops. Hence the name "Married to the Cows" in case you were puzzled with the name.

The Outagamie County Fair starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday. Two years ago we took two calves to show in the open dairy show. Last year we were signed up to take two more but we ended up having second-crop hay to bale. This year we are milking three times a day and there is no way in heck one of us could be down at the fair. Taking care of two animals while the other one of us does chores at our place would not sit well with either of us. But I would like to take something next year...if we are not milking 3x it would be a huge possibility.

We are going Friday morning to watch open class dairy show which is a pretty big deal in our county. Whoever wins the show has to buy beer (1/2 barrels) for the party that night in the barn and everyone brings a dish to pass. The Holstein breeders provide hot ham sandwhiches. It is a great time. But sadly we will not be going and I think I'll get over it because I like my sleep and need it more. Saturday is our day to socialize and Maclayne will get to go on rides.

Saturday is the Kids and Calves show. Maclayne gets to lead a 3-7 month old calf which is nice experience for her. Besides the fact that she talks about this months before I wonder if she will want to show when she's old enough for the junior show which is when they are eight (I think). Haha...She still talks about the calf she showed last year.

Having someone milk for us seems so simple but sometimes it is so hard to find anyone. I am so appreciative that Kurt's brother is coming to milk Saturday afternoon. I am going to make him some chocolate chip bars and golden graham bars with marshmallows (like RiceKrispy bars). I am thinking about some puppy chow too or chex mix. He likes little candy bars so I am going to give him a pack of them. He told me he didn't want anything but I just want him to know we appreciate it. Being away for one milking is such a nice break and I am looking forward to more away (someday : ) ).

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Enjoy your afternoon at the fair!