Saturday, August 1, 2009

Looking Back and Working Forward

This picture is from last year's Kids and Calves show at the fair. I love this picture of Maclayne and her BFF Lila.

This year they finished in the same placings as last year. They were either 4th and 5th or 5th and 6th. Either way they did well and next year I think they will definetly move up in placing. Maybe even take first if they practice, practice, practice.

I was trying to get Maclayne to stand like Lila but I confused her and she was over-thinking where she should put her hand on the halter. Next year.

Maclayne took some pictures of Lila and her calf Lydia.

More pictures by Maclayne. And my favorite picture...

A tale of one guy who's having a good time at the fair and another who had a good time the night before. : )

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Anonymous said...

what cute kids, handsome men and wonderful cows! Also love the couch we found at Goodwill for $5.00