Thursday, August 20, 2009

Go Vikes?

My beloved Brett Favre. I was sad when you wanted to retire. I knew you had more years to give the Green and Gold. Then you changed your mind. I was so happy. It was like a nice wedding present since this was a few days before my wedding. I know I did not register for this gift, but oh what a precious gift it was. Until that walking-Q-Tip of a general manager big Ted said it was over. Meanie. I knew I never liked him. You went to the Jets and I was so excited to watch you play that first Sunday. Still wearing green but near the big apple not the frozen trunda. We were okay with that. At the end of the season you were not sure whether you were coming back or not. I was so shocked. You had not made a decision in regards to your future. Brett, don't leave us hanging here we love you man!

Two days ago, Brett was officially a Viking. I almost threw up in my mouth. Do I need to say more? I went to college (did not graduate) an hour from the Cities. It was half and half Wisconsin and Minnesota students. We were ten minutes from the border. Oh I miss that area. I do not miss being that close to Viking fans. I went to their website and saw these pictures. Hopefully it is not illegal to borrow a few pics.

Here is my new leader of the Pack. Go Packers.

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