Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its Golden

29 years ago today on a hot, humid (I don't know what the weather was but my mom claims it was the hottest summer in her life) Thursday of Labor Day weekend I made my entrance into the world. Which makes today my Golden Birthday. You have no idea how grand of a day I always thought it would be. Also how long I thought it would take to get to my Golden birthday. 29 seemed so far away. Geez I remember turning 20 and thinking darn I'm not a teenager anymore. 21 and pregnant. 22 and thinking I had lived quite the life already. 23, 24 were the same too. Then I hit 25. Wow, life had changed. I was going through a divorce. I never thought I would be one of "those people" who got a divorce. I will say that was not my choice but when your spouse cheats on you and impregnants married females (ladies nor women would describe these types of the female variety) it is over. That was my life three months before my 25 birthday. Eight days after my birthday my life would be forever changed again. I met Kurt. I trust him and know that if he forgets to buy me a card on birthday it does not match the ugliness and hatred of divorce not even close. Kurt did remember my birthday not that he should forget because his is five days later.
29 did not seem so far away and yet this picture from the Summer of 2003 seems light years ago. My little girl is not a baby anymore. Life moves fast if you don't stop and look around you might just miss it. (GREAT MOVIE) I hope my daughter has appreciation for comedies like I do. I hope she appreciates the people in her life when she is older and see where she has come from. I can be the typical mom too and say I hope she doesn't make the same mistakes I did.
I hope she has a kind heart like this always because she is one of my best gifts. Thanks for the package of Oreos and the cartoon picture of a buttcrack on my birthday card making a "wisecrack" about my age. You are a funny kid and you make me laugh. Please stay seven forever for me!

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Happy birthday!