Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where does she come up with this stuff?

Yesterday my daughter was telling me about my mom's dog Chloe. She said whenever I smile at Chloe, she pees. She said it so seriously that I did not laugh but thought whatever you say strange child-of-mine.

Another day we were talking about a picture that I took of her and a calf for a Christmas card a few years ago. She thought maybe she would like to take another pic like that. There is a calf outside who is one of her favorites because she is red and white. I told her it would have to be one of the new babies born because the red calf is dirty from being outside. Well she told me she could clean the calf up but not with her mouth. Baby calves are licked clean by their moms at birth. I am guessing that is where she came up with not cleaning the calf with her mouth.

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