Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Here

I have been a bit preoccupied. Two weeks since my last post...not good. I need to get a new battery for my camera which obviously cuts down on the amount of pictures I take. Which equals my post quantity dwindling down to nothing. The weekend before I had a rummage sale. The garage is just finally back in order. My father-in-law can now park in the garage when he comes. Old habits die hard. I think that drove him nuts that he couldn't park in there when he was here for a couple of hours.

Does anyone else have a child that hides food or the wrappers from food? Last night she threw a granola bar wrapper behind the TV stand. Unless we have a ghost she had food all over the living room last night when I came in at 11pm. My husband was in the shower and tried to wake my little darling from a dead sleep to make her pick it up. Oh I was so irritated. It was like she took half the box of Lucky Charms and dumped them all over the carpet. It's shag carpeting...no lie. Plus she has a box of beads to make bracelets and necklaces and a good handful of them were in the carpet as well. I don't get it. I don't take my food and throw it all over and hide candy bar wrappers under the recliner. Then I saw a tube of Go-gurt empty on the floor in front of the chair. I'm done buying that stuff. I am just a wee bit frustrated with her.

Kurt is out in the barn pulling a calf. I am feeding five heifer calves right now. He's back in and she had a bull calf. That is okay by me. As long as I get a good price for him, when we sell him on Monday. I have been saving my bull calf money for Christmas. $42 so far. If I get that much or more for each calf, I should be okay.

I better go get some bills paid. Maybe tomorrow I will be someone where I can buy a camera battery. I'll try and get back on track.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why My Camera Batteries Don't Last

Reason 1-Elmo from Build-a-Bear

Reason 2-Modelling the Build-a-Bears

Reason 3-An actual bear from Build-a-Bear...dressed.

Reason 4-A naked bunny from Build-a-Bear...these were accumulated over her seven-year existence and I only bought one. Her godmother Heidi spoiled her with the rest.

Hello, I hijacked my mom's camera and take ridiculous pictures of my animals and the TV...you don't even want to go there.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School

School started on Tuesday and like usual on the first day, Little Miss was happy and excited. She was ready to go wait for the bus 40 minutes before her pickup time. How I wish all mornings were like this.

At seven years old, she is a moody little girl. The last two days were awful getting her out the door. My head is starting to hurt thinking about it. For Kurt, it is a completely different story. She purrs like a kitten for him.

Yesterday she told me I don't need you coming out to wait for the bus with me. Fine. I had to water the heifers that were out front anyway so I could see her. Today they do not have school not sure why. We have a load of hay to go get so she should be thrilled to death or not.

This is Elvis. He and his brother Elmer accompanied us to the end of the driveway last year on the first day of school when they were just kittens. The little rascals ran across the road into the ditch too. So I stood waiting for the bus last year with two little orange bundles under each arm. Only Elvis came this year and tried to climb up my leg. I ended up holding him while waiting for the bus, again. Yes, if you are looking at my chubby hands I still have baby dimples and I am 29. I was nine, in church and some lady said to me, "Oh, baby dimples how cute." 20 years later I am still chunky. Obviously I never lost the baby fat which makes me real cute like baby cute. Just smile and nod.

Happy first day of school. Too bad they couldn't be all first days.