Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It is raining today. A nice steady rain with dark, gloomy skies. The perfect napping weather. My only problem is lately is does not matter what the weather is by 10:30 I am needing a nap. After I had Mac I rarely napped. I looked forward to the time she was napping and thats when I got all of my mopping, dusting, and general cleaning done. Once I met Kurt naps just seemed to naturally fall in somewhere during the afternoons. Last November when we went to three-time-a-day milking napping occurred in the am or sometimes are 8pm.

I never liked to nap before because it seemed like I could be doing something more constructive with my time. Now it is a necessity. Around 10:30 I have a hard time functioning unless I have had a large amount of sleep banked. Because I usually get to be between 11 and midnight and I have to be up at 5. I know they recomment eight hours of sleep in a row, but I'm thinking I could only do seven. Wow, seven hours sounds awesome! Someday....ahhhh. Kurt and I went away last year for two and half days (another wow!) and we always woke up around seven. I tried really hard to sleep longer but I just could not do it. Darn you routine! So back to my napping problem. It seemed like I was not getting much done. Yesterday I started out real strong and had two loads of laundry hung out but by 11 I was beat. I have a goal now each day to atleast accomplish one room or a project besides the normal dishes and laundry. Somedays thats about all I can handle.

My blog friend Miriam had an awesome giveaway back in April which I won. It was a copy of the book More Hours in My Day by Emilie Barnes. There are a lot of great tools and ideas in that book which I have tried to implement for my own routine. My best advice is to make a list and if you need to nap atleast the list can help you stay on track. Hopefully when I start working again I will have a really nice system because there is not going to be time for naps. I will be the energizer bunny that gets to bed before 11 or gets up after 5 maybe around 6 : )

I have a list to make for today. Checkbook to balance, bills to pay, shower to take, three loads of laundry to fold....four actually. I like to fold laundry while I watch TV that way atleast I'm getting something done. That rain sure makes a girl sleepy and the furnace just kicked on! Bad combination! I also forgot to mention...my naps have been running atleast 2 hours to 3 hours long. That is not really a nap then is it? Or just a really long nap?

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Miriam said...

I totally agree with you on the list thing. I can't begin to count the times I've fallen off the wagon as far as lists and routines go, but no matter what, I can always make a new list and jump right in in the middle. I call a nap any sleep that I do after my major "crawl out of bed" for the day :P If I go back to bed after Daniel leaves, I don't consider that a nap - just "going back to bed", but anything after I'm up and dressed is a nap, no matter how long or short it is :P LOL.