Friday, October 9, 2009

No More Diet Pop For Me

As long as I can remember I have drank pop and since about high school drank 99.9% diet pop. Kurt never liked my drinking pop. He called it Diet Fat as in it makes you fat. I don't know about that one, but he received an email about the harm the artificial sweeteners cause to your body. Fine, whatever but I still drank my pop happily. Last August (2008) I noticed my feet were starting to bother me. I really noticed when I would get up off of the couch (we have recliners so my feet would sometimes be elevated) and try and walk somewhere. It felt like I had a peg for a foot. I had no strength at first when I would start walking. I hobbled until my foot warmed up. This would occur in the morning too. I attributed it to milking every day and being on concrete for longer than I was used to.

Other people I talked to along with my midwife told me they had similiar issues and it was Plantar Fasciitis. My midwife told me going barefoot was a big no-no. She also suggested going to a podiatrist. I'm not into running to the doctor so I never did. My midwife's podiatrist made her a special arch support for her shoe. I ended up buying some Dr. Scholls arch supports. They felt like they did something but not much. Meanwhile the pain in my feet was getting more painful. In the insides of my foot it just ached like crazy. If I stood too long, they were really screaming for mercy. I bought Dr. Scholls gel arch supports. These felt a little better. I got two pair so I could have one in my barn shoes and tennis shoes. About three weeks ago, I got new barn shoes. My feet were in a lot of pain with my other ones. I think I had size 9.5 or 10 in womens. Get this. My new shoes are a size 10 in mens. My feet are humongous. But apparently you are not suppose to be able to feel the inside of the shoes with your toes, who know?!

After I got the new shoes, I was still tempted to call a doctor for an appointment. I actually started mentioning it to Kurt that I should maybe make an appointment. I was in a lot of pain and going to the doctor was the last resort in my book. I was taking Advil and Excedrin when I needed it as well. Kurt finally said its that pop your drinking. I only drink a can a day. On a bad day I have three but usually it is a can a day. I was so sick of my feet bothering I said, "Fine. You want me to quit? I will." And I did. I even had bought three 12-packs the week before because they were on sale. Oh well.

I quit two and half weeks ago. I started drinking regular pop but it is just too sweet. So instead of opening a can I have bought 2-liters. I don't even drink a can equivalent a day. Oh and the most important part. My feet are feeling so much better! It is amazing! I barely hobble around when I get up in the morning. I can go barefoot in the house for awhile without feeling slightly crippled. It is great. I am hoping I can quit drinking pop all together, but one step at a time.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog title - lol! :)

My stepmom had a similar experience with pop (diet pop too I think). She was having awful pain in her joints and was diagnosed with Lupus. Nothing helped until she stopped drinking the pop, then she was MUCH better. Glad you found something that helps!