Friday, October 23, 2009

Working in the Rain

I started filling in at my old job that I was pressured to leave before getting married to my high-maintenance husband last summer. Just kidding. I really did start working though. I thought I would have my job back all to myself, but instead I am filling in when needed at the moment. The other chick is looking for a different job. She drives an hour and 15 minutes to sit in my chair and I drive four miles. So here I sit raking in the money. Ahhh the sweet sound. I have not heard it in so long. I worked last Saturday, today, and the remainder of the weekend except it looking rainy which means no work. Because it is a weekday we are here, and I have to keep myself busy.

Because it's raining the combines are not running and if they are not running, that eliminates 90% of my job. I brought my farm bookwork to do. I have July to the current bookwork to do. I actually finished July and am rewarding myself to surf the internet for awhile. Kurt the brat is napping. How dare he without me! He used to come and have lunch with me or take me out for lunch. This was before we were married or milking three times a day. I think I might ask him to take me out today. That's fair right? I could really go for some perch. That is a popular thing to do on a Friday is to have fish, Catholic or not. Not I am and I love perch. If taking me out to lunch does not fly with him, and it might not because the hoof trimmer is coming at 1:30pm. With the rain hoof trimming will probably be cancelled and Kurt will be nap some more. Jerk. I guess he deserves

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