Friday, November 13, 2009

Filling the Silo

If you look over the corn, you can see the top of the tractor, chopper, and chopper box. We are making corn silage which is chopped corn. The chopped corn then ferments and is a great energy source for cattle.

For having not so great weather, our corn did alright. We always seem to get some corn saving rain in August and July which makes all the difference.

Wisconsin leads the nation in production of corn silage. Go corn silage!

Poor Kurt. It was windy and cold and his vest is too big for him. At least it kept him warm, but he sure looks poofy.

I was looking for Kurt and couldn't figure out where he was. Then I looked up and there he was. Sixty feet up on top of the silo.

He was up there adjusting the hood so the silage would blow further into the silo. Although at first I could not get this thing to move for me. Eventually I figured it out. Along with 60 feet worth of yelling, I got it done.

Job done. I saved him a trip. He owes me. But he knows he owes me, and I probably owe him.

Down he comes. Last year I was in the house and Kurt sent me a text message picture. It was an aerial view of our lane. It took me a minute to figure out that Kurt was up on top of the silo. He thought he was being funny. Then he sent me a couple more. Funny guy.

Almost on the ground safe and sound. The silo is now filled and we are going through the feed faster than we like.
Next up. Soybeans and Corn. Exciting. I promise it will get better! I am at work, "working really hard!"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Quick Hi

I thought last week was bad but when everything is scheduled for the next (this) week I should have known. I can't tell you what we did Monday. Tuesday the combine came and took off our beans. We also had our milk tester here which is done during the first two milkings of the day. I went out at 1 and was back in a little after 5. Then all three of us went back out close to 7. We had to put up plastic along the mow walls in the upstairs of the barn where a semi load of shavings was going to be deposited in the morning. Yuck. Kurt had a chopper box and a half of bean straw to blow on top of the shavings. This made for a long morning. I also had to play trucker and take our bull calf up to the sale barn. Oh and another load of shavings came this morning. This week has been expensive, productive, and a money-making time all at once. When all of this occurs so does a little thing I like to call STRESS. Oh my has it ever been. Financial problems all year long. Last year the month of November stunk and this year it does as well. Being in the negative is not fun but being negative a few thousand is even crappier. If and when we make it to the end of the year, I will breath a sigh of relief. Also my accountant is coming in an hour and half and I need to finish the last entries for October. I asked Kurt, "When Mike leaves can we take a nap?" He thought that might be possible! I am also getting ready for the Holstein meeting that is here next Tuesday. Cleaning, grocery shopping, and preparing all need to be done. Our biggest thing is our paperwork for our loan. We are so close to being done. That is what I have been up to. I have pictures to share hopefully this weekend. Talk at you soon!
PS- Tomorrow the hoof trimmer is coming and we have about 20 cows to trim. With it getting dark before 5 now we'll need to hustle. Then Saturday (maybe I'll be working-hopefully) Kurt has manure to haul and the neighbor lady's horse manure to haul on Sunday. Yippee!