Friday, November 13, 2009

Filling the Silo

If you look over the corn, you can see the top of the tractor, chopper, and chopper box. We are making corn silage which is chopped corn. The chopped corn then ferments and is a great energy source for cattle.

For having not so great weather, our corn did alright. We always seem to get some corn saving rain in August and July which makes all the difference.

Wisconsin leads the nation in production of corn silage. Go corn silage!

Poor Kurt. It was windy and cold and his vest is too big for him. At least it kept him warm, but he sure looks poofy.

I was looking for Kurt and couldn't figure out where he was. Then I looked up and there he was. Sixty feet up on top of the silo.

He was up there adjusting the hood so the silage would blow further into the silo. Although at first I could not get this thing to move for me. Eventually I figured it out. Along with 60 feet worth of yelling, I got it done.

Job done. I saved him a trip. He owes me. But he knows he owes me, and I probably owe him.

Down he comes. Last year I was in the house and Kurt sent me a text message picture. It was an aerial view of our lane. It took me a minute to figure out that Kurt was up on top of the silo. He thought he was being funny. Then he sent me a couple more. Funny guy.

Almost on the ground safe and sound. The silo is now filled and we are going through the feed faster than we like.
Next up. Soybeans and Corn. Exciting. I promise it will get better! I am at work, "working really hard!"

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