Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Blizzard

Not the Blizzards you get from Dairy Queen but snowstorm Allison which turned into Blizzard Allison happend Tuesday night through Wednesday. We received about 15 inches of snow. Kurt plowed snow for six and half hours yesterday. Today was a catch up day. Or atleast try to catch up. I did three loads of laundry and got one folded. The dumb thing is I folded the barn clothes first. If these are wrinkled, etc no one will know, but I think I did them because there are less to fold. Oh well, I only cheated myself because I still have two bulging baskets. Kurt and I did get a nap on the couch. That hit the spot. We had to go to our neighbors so they could show us how to do their milking chores. They are going to wedding tomorrow night. The person who usually milks for them is the groom. So we offered. I think we kind of crazy and boy is their barn freezing! It is about zero out and maybe 40 in the barn. Our barn is around 55 degrees which is quite comfortable...I think I'll bring thermometer with to find out what it really is.

Now I think Kurt is asleep on the couch and it is time to go out for the last milking. I have an internal conflict going on in my head on nights like this. I could go out and start milking because the sooner I get the sooner you get in. Or I could nudge him to make room for me and go and fall asleep for an hour or so. Pick your poison. Yawn and brrrr.

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Miriam said...

LOL, "pick your poison." You sound like my mom, when we would have to do something we didn't want to do, she'd tell us "well, the sooner you start the sooner you'll get done!"