Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Typical November

November. Where did it go? We spent it getting a lot of farm-related things done. Like picturing calves so we can register them. Most of them had attitude and my camera is super slow that I had pics that looked like this. It took atleast a second picture so you could see all of them for identification.

These are soybeans up close and ready to be taken off. A month ago these lovely, profitable legumes were taken off so we could cash in.

It doesn't look like money. But it is, it is and we really needed it.

Ready to go to the bank, I mean the mill. Oops.

Otherwise I have been busing feeding these guys (girls).

And this one and others like it...I was going to take a pictures of a cow having a calf yesterday. She had the front legs out to the knees so I went to the house to get my camera. I came back out and all but the hips were out. Usually they are a bit pokey about pushing.

The day we combined our corn we borrowed a set of wagons which I went to go pickup in town. I didn't see them at the mill where they were suppose to be left so I went and got lunch. Then brought it out to the yahoos (Kurt and his friend Andy) in the combine. That's when I saw the set of wagons. Signed, sealed, and delivered...I think they just wanted me to go get them lunch.

This was scene throughout the day. Kurt racing down the driveway with his loads of corn.

You know I started this post Tuesday Dec 1st. We had a mound septic put in and the turkeys cut the power when I was working on it. No warning. Everything went blank and quiet. I have recipe I have been working on since many Fridays ago. Maybe you will the recipe soon rather than later : )

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