Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catch Up

2010 has barely began and I feel like I'm a mile behind. Each week has been busy which is not to be if you live on a farm in January. This is suppose to be the time relax and a time to get ready for the craziness that spring, summer, and fall brings. For example...this morning I am going to finish taking down my tree (only the lights need to come off now), shower, go to town 25 minutes away for groceries, sometime get the dishes done, help out the barn with the midday chores, do the second milking, straighten myself (whatever that means), go meet Maclayne at school and walk around the school to the H1N1 vaccine clinic (she's getting her booster), vacuum the needle trail up,.....I'll stop there : )

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair cut in the morning and we have herd check with the vet. I also need to get two months of bookwork done by 10am on Saturday. It won't take me hours and hours (probably an hour total), but I still need to get it done. We go see our accountant Saturday morning. I better get moving.

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