Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip Pics Part Uno

This is a painting that was in the bedroom of where we stayed. It is a painting of where we stayed. Sounds repetative, but hopefully informative. : ) In case you can not tell it is a restored barn.

Here is the front view. The suite we stayed in was on the right. The two large windows to the far right were our living room. The silo (farthest right) had a sitting room in the top. In the bottom of the silo there was a hot tub.

The backside of the Cornerstone and my husbands. That is our bedroom window to the right of the deck. The deck was part of our suite and the upstairs bedroom had skylights which you can make out on the roof.

This is the kitchen/dining area. Very cute. The upright cupboard on the left had plates, bowls, and some pots and pans. There were glasses on the shelf above the sink. Those are beams from the original barn. Behind that wall is the first floor bedroom, coming right up.
Here is it. Be still my heart! It was decorated in a cow theme! Loved it and the bed was so soft except too soft and it gave me an achy back.
Here was the focal point of our whole getaway. The gas fireplace and the tv. Very relaxing. There were also about a dozen books and magazines spread throughout the suite which I read mostly. There were also videotapes and DVDs provided.

The steps leading up to the second floor bedroom.

A very peaceful and calming room on the second floor. This bed was firmer but not in a good way. I tried sleeping on it the second night and went back to the softer downstairs bed. See that little step. Can you guess what that is??
I loved the door in this room it was not an ordinary door. More cute farm pics and the dressers and most furnishings were antique.

The chair was not antique. Oh there is that little step. Oh, what could that be!?

It was a half bath! Cute, different, a little odd, but handy if you were not sleeping downstairs.

More pictures to come...stay tuned! We stayed at the Cornerstone Suites near Egg Harbor if anyone is curious.

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