Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Apologize

I have been busy. Busy working with my job, working on the farm, and a whole lot of life in general. Taking pictures of cows in various settings is part of my job.

Last week I took some pictures of Kurt milking but most important of all was Kurt kissing Dynasty the cow. One of Red Barn's marketing tools is digital photo frames with picture from Red Barn farms and people. One customer in particular wanted pictures with more interaction. Like for instance someone kissing a cow. Seriously. We don't kiss the cows. Uh maybe I'll give a baby a kiss on its head but the cows are kind of lethal with their heads. You could get easily be knocked out if you ticked them off messing with their heads. Dyansty is a pretty gentle cow. She was showed as a heifer by 4-H kids so she is pretty tame. She's also one of the tallest cows we have. She doesn't look too happy in the pic though.

Also needed pictures of Mac interacting with the cows. I had a pic from a couple years ago where Mac is bottle feeding a calf and that is the pic they chose to use.

We classified our cattle two weeks ago. This pic was taken while they were getting scored. Nice full udders and clean tails. Clean tails are the best. The alternative is far worse. We also had a party the night we classified so I had to get all the food ready. It is just a long exhausting day and then you throw in a party it's down right ridiculous. I went to bed at 2am and Kurt went to bed around 5am. Farmers are crazy. When they have an opportunity to have fun they take full advantage of it because these parties don't happen a whole lot. But this time during classifying for our county their were four other parties. Ours was the first on Thursday then another on Friday which we did not go to because we were too dang tired. Then Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we went to the other parties but we were home by 10pm.

This week Kurt has started planting corn which is kind of early but its dry and the sun is out. Our house has a cold bug go through it which makes you feel kind of cruddy and tired. Maclayne had a stomach bug Tuesday night and she thought she needed to go to the doctor. Which in to me seemed kind of funny, but the poor girl rarely gets sick so when she feels cruddy, she feels really cruddy. So she went to the bathroom and had some Pepto and a Tylenol and was back outside helping her dad unload baled shavings off the truck ten minutes later. To go from one extreme to the next was crazy but I kind of figured she as going a little being on dramatic requesting to go to the doctor. Fortunately for her, she gets to have her eight year checkup today! Then we'll stop at Kohls, Hobby Lobby, and maybe my least favorite place the W word.
PS-Thanks for sticking with me. I am seriously trying to find a nice balance with the following...farming, family, exercising, computer work, Red Barn work, homemaking, relaxing, and fun. We actually watched two movies this past weekend. I think I'm getting a hang of this relaxing on the weekends. Horray!

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